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We do not always get a chance to meet an author (Leigh Roberts) that has so many 5-star reviews that we give up on counting them. Leigh Roberts is one of the best fantasy writers of our time. We are sure she has an equal out there somewhere but in all the years of searching across the earth, we have not yet found them. All of Leigh Roberts books are a must read for any fantasy reader.


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Khon’Tor’s Wrath: Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows Book 1 (The Etera Chronicles Series One – Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows)

Will her compassionate act doom them all?

What If…

The People lived in peace for countless generations, hidden from the Outsiders—heartless and destructive humans who are unaware of the People’s underground communities.

But the People’s existence is thrown into jeopardy when Adia, a young Healer, stumbles upon a horrific scene. Her enemies lay recently massacred—all except for one tiny, defenseless infant. Unable to deny her compassionate heart, she makes the fateful decision to break sacred law and take the infant back to her home to raise him as her own. When the Leader finds out what she has done, he takes her compassionate act as an affront to his authority—and a threat to the People’s welfare.

Hated by her chieftain’s mate for reasons she does not understand, Adia faces the biggest battle of her life as she struggles to make a place for the forbidden Outsider child.

She was prepared for him to be angry. She was prepared for him to punish her. But she was not prepared for Khon’Tor’s Wrath.

◆◆2021 Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews Epic Fantasy Silver Award Winner ◆◆

Khon’Tor’s Wrath is the first book in Series One: Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows. Readers will find this story to be one of universal appeal. This is a story about the search for everything we hold dear—love, belonging, justice, truth.

So prepare yourself for an emotional ride as you experience this ancient, hidden, cave-dwelling peoples’ struggles and triumphs in this refreshing new series by Leigh Roberts. Then continue the adventure with Series Two: The Age of Darkness.

What Readers Are Saying:

★★★★★ I absolutely loved this book. The entire premise is very original, and the characters engaged me from the very first page and pulled me completely into the story line. Each chapter leaves the reader wanting more, to know what happens next in this captivating story of overlapping but vastly different cultures. The description of the community makes the reader ‘see’ the entire area in their mind. Adia is someone we can all relate to and root for, and I hope she emerges victorious in the end. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this moving and intriguing series.

★★★★★ One of the best books I have ever read—the story line is amazing. You think you know what is going to happen next and then you find out you were wrong. It keeps you so involved that you feel sorry for the Healer and some others and you don’t want to stop reading. This book definitely held my interest. The author has a great imagination. Her way of writing is more than great, it is brilliant.

★★★★★ Leigh Roberts is a phenomenal writer who knows how to write an entertaining story. Robert’s words are instantly charming and endearing and will compel you to turn the pages at an alarming rate thanks to the phenomenal characterization of Adia and the fast-paced story which is impeccably developed…the story of Khon’Tor’s Wrath is quite simply gold and will shine, and dazzle as you read it as it is a pure joy to read.


About Leigh Roberts

When Leigh Roberts is not caught up in the fantasy world of Etera with Adia, Khon’Tor, Acaraho, Oh’Dar, and Nadiwani, she is enjoying the beauty of the rural area in which she lives with her husband and several spoiled Pomeranians.

An avid reader since early childhood, she grew up on superhero comics, science fiction stories (Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov), and television shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and Star Trek.

Star Trek had a huge influence on her thinking and taught her the infinite possibilities of imagination—and how to split infinitives. Spoiler alert: you may find a Klingon word or phrase dropped in here or there, or a blatant, unapologetic recreation of a famous Star Trek TOS scene!

She hopes that through her writing, awareness of Sasquatch will spread, ultimately providing protection should they be proven to exist.

She loves being an author, and her heart’s desire is to be writing for a long, long time to come. Following Series One: Wrak-Ayya The Age of Shadows, will come Wrak-Wavara The Age of Darkness and then Wrak-Ashwea The Age of Light.

Leigh Roberts has way too many books to post them on our website. 

Source: The Age of Darkness: Wrak-Wavara: The Age of Darkness Book 1 (The Etera Chronicles Series Two – Wrak-Wavara: The Age of Darkness) , Roberts, Leigh – Amazon.com

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